These Are Our


01. Services

Electric Aviation

With our fleet of drones we don’t only have film support but also provide a eye in the sky given our commercial UAVs.  Along with that we image structure for ongoing projects. 

With a large  array of our aviation equipment we are fully capable of capturing content from every angle, place or time. Drones such the Yuneec Tornado stand as the base of our fleet, providing 4k shots in all conditions. 

02. Services

Asset management

With a ever growing market, we help analyze and identify the risks on assets. We also guarantee the accuracy of amortization rate of different accounts depending on the client.

One of our most recent clients in the southern California area is Bird.Co, currently we not only manage a fleet but regulate and delegate the inventory and sales of stock. 

03. Services

Motion Picture & Photography

Personally my favorite part of what we do here at K37M our filmography. We have a wide series of options to choose form whether it is photos for your personal gallery or capturing your best moments on camera. 

We have options to film all type of events from weddings and graduations to short films and advert shots. With a full studio the possibilities are endless.