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Hello welcome to K37 Marketing My Name is Francois KomeKotto CEO Of K37M A 5LINXR INDEPENDENT MARKETING GROUP at 27 years old I had surpassed the income of 90% of the US Population and I am here to help others achieve financial freedom I know right now you are probably wondering what is this all about and what is that we do, And who are? To keep it simple we only do 2 things we help people make money on services they are paying for anyways or we help people save money on services they are paying for anyways. As far as US as Company we are a direct selling telecommunication and Technology Company that has recently tapped into the energy and health industry what we do is acquire customers for allot of fortune 500 companies and in return they pay us the same way the company makes money which is in a form called residual income. Residual income simply means you do something one time and you keep getting paid for it over and over again think about this for example imagine going work January first and your boss tell you he will pay you the same thing he paid you last year but this year you don’t have to come in because you worked last year. I believe that is the best way to explain residual income, does that sound interesting?

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